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The non-invasive Dr. Ornish Reversal Program is the first program scientifically proven to reverse the progression of heart disease.

A unique and innovative treatment program to supplement conventional treatment of heart disease, it combines moderate aerobic exercise, stress management techniques, group support, and a low-fat, whole foods nutrition plan to improve blood flow to the heart and decrease cholesterol, blood pressure and chest pain (angina). It is also used to prevent the development of heart disease in people with associated risk factors.

Dear Interested Participant:

Thank you for your interest in the Dr. Ornish Reversal Program. The Ornish Reversal Program is a lifestyle modification program that enables participants to reverse many of the symptoms of coronary artery disease (CAD). By doing so, many people are able to avoid invasive procedures such as bypass surgery or angioplasty.

The Ornish Program has four components; each component is approximately an hour in length and delivered at West Virginia University Hospitals.

The four components are:
  1. A very low-fat vegetarian nutrition plan (less than 10 percent of daily calories from fat).
  2. Improved physical and aerobic conditioning through light, low-impact exercise, including yoga.
  3. Relaxation techniques to help cope with and reduce stress.
  4. Group support to enable participants to deal with the emotional issues that contribute to, or result from, heart disease.
Participants learn to use these tools during an intensive 9-week Program. Participants are assigned a program schedule based on the extent of their risk of significant cardiac events. Following completion of the program, ongoing support is available as needed and through our self-directed community.
  • All sessions meet for four hours.
  • Weeks two through eight meet twice per week.
  • Week one and nine will meet three times per week.
New sessions begin throughout the entire year. If you would like to speak with an Ornish staff person from West Virginia University Hospitals, please call 304-293-2520.

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