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Program Office



Sandra Y. Pope, MSW
Program Director
Phone 304-347-1216
Fax 304-347-1265

Sharon M. Giles
Assistant Director
Phone  304-347-1226
Fax  304-347-1265

Marisol Bonet
Administrative Secretary
Phone  304-347-1302
Fax  304-347-1265


     The WV AHEC Program Office oversees AHEC program implementation for the state of West Virginia and is the primary liaison with federal and state governments for the 5 regional AHEC Centers. The Program Office assists the 5 regional AHEC centers with recruiting, rotations, continuing education, assessments, evaluations, and budgeting. The Program Office provides fiscal management while assisting the 5 regional AHEC Centers in planning and implementing project priorities and provide guidance and support as needed.

     The Program Office also works with the National AHEC Organization on legislative and policy issues, and participates in an annual evaluation with Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).