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David N. Weissman, M.D.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Division of Respiratory Disease Studies

Graduate Training: Northwestern University Medical School
Fellowship: Northwestern University

Mailstop H-2900
1095 Willowdale Road
Morgantown, WV 26505
Phone: 304-285-5749
Fax: 304-285-5861

Research Interests:

Dr. Weissman's research interests relate to understanding the influences of host and environmental factors on pulmonary inflammatory and immune responses. He is particularly interested in antibody responses to inhaled and aspirated antigen. Two model systems are currently being used to study pulmonary immunity in his laboratory. The first uses intrapulmonary instillation of antigen via a bronchoscope to study human pulmonary immunity, with current studies focusing on understanding pulmonary immunotoxic effects of cigarette smoking. The second uses an animal model of the occupational lung disease silicosis to study abnormal pulmonary immunomodulation of antibody production and cellular immunity in this condition.

Pharmaceutical Research:

  • Centocor, Inc.: "Centocor: HA-1A Efficacy in Septic Shock," Harakh V. Dedhia, M.D., PI.
  • Denver Biomaterials, Inc.: "Denver Pleural Catheter Study," Geoffrey Graeber, M.D., PI.
  • Glaxo Pharmaceuticals: "Salmeterol Quality of Life Outcomes in Asthma," Marvin R. Balaan, M.D., PI.
  • Miles Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: "Anti-TNF Monoclonal Antibody for Septic Shock," Harakh V. Dedhia, M.D., PI.
  • Pfizer, Inc.: "Monoclonal Antibody E5 for Severe Sepsis," Harakh V. Dedhia, M.D., PI.
  • Zeneca, Inc.: "Safety and Efficacy of Diprivan in patients with multiple organ failure," Harakh V. Dedhia, M.D., PI.

Selected Publications:

Books Edited:

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Book Chapters:

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