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Thematic Research Areas

  1. Xenobiotic Toxicology: the study of acute and chronic exposure to foreign materials and toxicants on cardiovascular health outcomes. We have particular emphases on nanomaterial exposure, as well as exposure to chemical compounds in the drinking water and materials associated with 'Mountain Top Mining'.
  2. Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: this is the study of traditional contributors to elevated CVD risk, including obesity, impaired glycemic control, hypertension and associated lifestyle factors. To facilitate collaborative research projects encompassing our basic science, clinical, and public health colleagues, we have focused on models of the ‘metabolic syndrome’ and negative cardiovascular outcomes in both human subjects and animal models.
  3. Chronic Stress, Depression and Cardiovascular Disease: this research theme effort is focused on determining the relationships between chronic stress, clinical depressive symptoms and poor cardiovascular outcomes in both animal models and human subjects. Areas of particular emphasis include the mechanistic links between stress and CVD as well as interventional efforts to ameliorate this health burden.