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Non-Coordinated Credit Only Conferences

The WVU Health Sciences Center Office of Continuing Education can provide credit only services based on the following fee schedule. If you would like additional information or explanation, please contact Kari Long via e-mail

Administrative Fees

  • Conferences designed solely for an internal audience - $150
  • Coordinated by a department a liaison - $350
  • Coordinated by a department liaison and joint sponsored - $400
  • Coordinated by a non-profit joint sponsor - $750
  • Coordinated by a for-profit joint sponsor- $1000
  • Cancellation Fee - once approval is provided but prior to the conference date - $50

The WVU Health Sciences Office of Continuing Education can provide any of the following single services for WVU entities that do not have logistical capabilities or adequate staffing.

Optional Services (unless otherwise noted, these are included in Full Service)

  • Registration: take in all registrations; generate confirmation letters; accept payments; make deposits, provide nametags, ribbons, registration lists, status updates, and sign-in sheets. Reconcile walk-ins, no-shows, etc., after the conference and provide final registration lists. This does not include working the registration desk. - $15 per person
  • Pharmaceutical Grant Applications: identify necessary information, request information from coordinators, process applications - $75 each
  • Speaker Confirmation Letters: generate confirmation letters to all speakers confirming presentation details and requesting CV, W-9, A/V, Lodging, Disclosures, Handouts, etc. Letters will be signed by department and information returned to the department. Follow-up will be done by the department. - $50 per person
  • Other Credit: process applications and provide sign-in sheets - this does not include fees charged by each individual accrediting organization. - $75 each
  • Targeted Mailing List: (quote provided on request based on complexity and size) following receipt of a database request form, a list will be generated based on the specific specialties requested. For confidentiality, the list will be sent directly to the mail company for distribution of the publicity. This service is limited to official CME database and will include the Office of CE return address for database updates. - $50 minimum
  • <10 Hours - $10 per person requesting credit
  • 11 - 15 hours - $15 per person requesting credit
  • 16 - 20 hours - $20 per person requesting credit
  • 21 - 25 hours - $25 per person requesting credit