Women in Science and Health

The Women In Science & Health Committee was established with the following charge:

  • To enhance the advancement of women through professional development programs.
  • Establishing an effective network of women faculty.
  • Assesing the current status of women faculty in terms of academic rank, years of service and salary plus incentives.
  • Developing and implementing a faculty mentoring program for women.

As a result of the work of this group both women and male faculty are currently involved in the mentoring program. In addition, a number of women faculty have been able to attend the prestigious Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) with others from all across the county.

To complete an application to become a Mentor or Mentee click on the Mentoring link to the left.

AAMC Early Career Women Professional Development Seminar

Designed for women physicians and scientists holding medical school faculty appointments at the assistant professor level*, and considering leadership positions within their discipline, department, or institution, this comprehensive and engaging program provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to pursue leadership roles within academic medicine. *Instructors will be considered based on experience.
Through three and a half-days of general sessions, concurrent workshops, and small-group discussions, participants will:

• Receive guidance on how to create a career plan for leadership goals
• Gain insights into overcoming challenges of building a career in academic medicine
• Expand their network of colleagues
• Identify skill areas in need of further development

     Topics covered include:

• Working through Differences: Personality Types at Work
• Time Management and Organizational Skills
• Communicating as a Leader
• Conflict Management and Negotiation
• Breakout Workshops on skills and information needed for your particular faculty track

Additionally, the program includes small-group mentoring sessions on narrative and CV development as well as morning and afternoon yoga and zumba sessions to promote wellness. Throughout the seminar, participants learn and engage with each other, developing a valuable network of colleagues that extends far beyond the program.

Seminar faculty from schools throughout the United States and Canada have been chosen for their specialized knowledge in particular areas and demonstrated leadership capabilities. They offer valuable information, inspiring stories, and practical advice to support career advancement.

CME credit is available for eligible participants.

The application phase closes at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 8, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted.


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