International Agreements

We develop partnerships between the West Virginia University (WVU) Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center (HSC) and entities across the globe. Once there is mutual interest in collaborating, we draft and sign affiliation agreements. As a globally engaged institution, we seek and maintain cooperation with institutions of higher education, governments, and non-governmental entities, throughout the world.

(Chancellor Christopher Colenda (WVU HSC) and Dr. AbdulAzeez Al-Omar (Kuwait Cultural Office) signing Kuwait agreements in 2013)

HSC has had several successful international partnerships. The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is managing these partnerships now. Currently, we work with our legal counsel to develop policies and procedures for the initiation, vetting, and approval of new international partnerships and the agreements governing these formal relationships.

(WVU Hospitals Trauma Team Hosts Visitors from The People's No. 2 Hospital in Changzhou, China in 2013)

Are you a member of the WVU community who would like to partner with an international organization?

If you are an internal member of the WVU community, and are interested in partnering with an international organization, then please contact the Global Engagement Office. We will facilitate the negotiation and administration process. Please note, all affiliation agreements related to HSC must be vetted by our legal counsel and signed by the Vice President.

(Associate Dean Shelia Price (WVU HSC Dentistry), Noida Ashton (Kuwait Cultural Office), Lamya Ismail (WVU HSC Dentistry Student Funded by Kuwait), and Dr. Parichehr Navai (Kuwait Cultural Office) at Kuwait Signing Ceremony in 2013)

Are you a member of an international organization who is interested in visiting us?

If you are a member of an international organization, outside of the United States, and are interested in a partnership with us, then please contact the Global Engagement Office. We will be happy to discuss potential areas of collaboration and arrange for meetings with members of our leadership team and tours of our facilities.

(School of Nursing Hosting Delegation from Taishan, China in 2014)

(Karen Merryman and Liz Cohen Presenting at IVF Seminar in Estonia in 2014)