Current Activities

The Office of Interprofessional Education is piloting an IPE Seminar series available to students in all schools. The topics currently include, communication, leadership, teams/teamwork, and health disparities. Visit our calendar to learn of specific dates and times. If interested in participating, contact

Report to IPE Advisory Committee: 12-2013

Other activities initiated or planned by the HSC Schools and Programs in the future include:

School of Dentistry

  • Spring IPE Instructional Series support
  • Cardinal Leadership inventory with Medicine
  • Health Disparities with other four schools
  • Sleep disorder course with Medicine
  • Additional IP service learning experiences and educational opportunities

School of Medicine

  • Spring IPE Instructional Series on communication
  • Cardinal Leadership inventory with Dentistry
  • Additional IP service learning experiences and educational opportunities

School of Nursing

  • Spring IPE Instructional Series on leadership
  • IPE “Rounding” simulation with schools of medicine and pharmacy
  • Translation/participation of IPE “Rounding” activity at the Charleston Division
  • IPE course in Integrative Healthcare/Complementary Therapies
  • In conjunction with the state AHEC, development of an IP seminar focusing on veterans' health

School of Pharmacy

  • Implementation of My First Patient project, with expansion to schools of medicine and dentistry
  • "Rounding" simulation experience expanded to Charleston Division
  • Participation in spring IPE seminar series
  • Evaluation for expansion of My First Patient program to include additional disciplines
  • Continuation of current service learning program

School of Public Health

  • Spring IPE Seminar Series on teamwork and a program addressing Health Disparities
  • Dual degree programs development: Clinical Psychology, Social Work, MS Dental Hygiene
  • Directing development of the IPE Workshop April 30, 2014