Program and Materials:

  • Work with SOM communications officer  to prepare program for the event.
    • Program should run around 25-30 minutes.
    • Acknowledgements of VIPs will need to be added to the emcee’s remarks with name pronunciations inserted.
    • Comments will need to be prepared for the SOM VP/dean and other speakers.
    • Podium binder housing all comments and event program should be prepared.
  • Work with Office of Philanthropy to create posters and directional signs for the event.
  • Establish areas to place posters and directional signs of the event.
  • Coordinate press release/web presence/other with detailed information SOM Communications Director.
  • Contact a photographer for the event – HSC Photographer listed below.


Pre-determine length of each speaker and content of scripts to eliminate redundancy. Insert the pronunciations for all unusual names in all scripts. Unusual names should be reviewed ahead of time and practiced by the speakers. All speeches for the Health Sciences Vice President/Dean will be prepared by the health sciences communications officer.

Before the Ceremony:

  • Assign department staff (2-3) to help direct guests and manage last-minute details before, during and after the event.
  • Nametags for each guest if requested.
  • Name placecards for each guest.
  • Depending on where the event is located, special parking accommodations may need to be made.
  • Assign people to stand in designated areas, such as main entrances, to direct attendees to their destinations.
  • Modify acknowledgements eliminating those not present and adding those who are present but did not RSVP.