Event Logistics


  • Prepare a work order for facilities management. Contact person is Lennie Mayle in Maintenance.
    • Design a map of the room for facilities to place the tables appropriately.
    • 2 8ft. tables, 1 round – center of the buffet tables, 6 high top tables.
    • Place an 8 ft. table in the designated beverage area. Tables are in the storage room by the Pylons area.
    • Extra tables and chairs may be needed.
    • 8ft. table in to be set up in the bar area. 
    • Set up the navy blue drapes and poles over the 8ft. wide back drape).
  • Housekeeping is to clean the room before and after the event.


  • Order flower arrangements through local vendors. Suggestion below; others may be considered.
    • 1 fresh arrangement for the buffet table; 6 fresh arrangements for the high top tables; 1 green plant for the podium.


  • Place food order with HSC Catering Services.
    • Need the credit card number and/or WV catering number.
    • Special note for a catering staff member to be present during the event and reception.
    • VIP service and to be served on China dinnerware.
    • Buffett table to be placed for service on both sides of the table.
    • Menu Example: Hibachi Chicken Skewers, Spinach Feta Stuffed mushroom, Fajita Beef Kabobs, Asiago Asparagus Tuft, Shrimp cocktail and sauce, Sundried tomato pinwheels, Roma Crostini, Combination of fresh fruit and cheese, mini cheese cakes, petit fours, brownies, drinks.

Beer/Wine: To be selected by the VP’s office.


  • Determine how many of each size are needed.
    • Linen vendors listed below.


  • Coordinate Music for the event.
    • Suggested musician listed below.
    • The organ is stored by the pylons.