Dr. Mariette Barbier discusses her experience

Dr. Mariette Barbier recently attended a Scientific Writing Retreat organized by Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory and Cell Press this past November in Long Island, NY. 

The course was designed to strengthen drafting skills, improve clarity and effectiveness of writing and invest time to focus on writing.  The goal of the retreat was to have participants progress significantly on writing projects while improving their professional communication skills.  One focus of the retreat was to learn how to write clearly and conversationally aout your research in a way that engages diverse audiences, a skill that is valuable when deveopling lay summaries for NIH and NSF proposals. 

Dr. Barbier states "I found it extremely useful.  It has completely changed the way I read, edit and write. I think it will have an overall very positive impact on my career." 

The retreat was targeted to scientists of all fields and covered manuscript preparation, grant writing and communication to a lay audience.

Dr. Barbier is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology here at WVU Health Sciences Center.

The Office of Research and Graduation sponsored Dr. Barbier on the retreat this year and looks forward to sponsoring more researchers in the future.

For more information on the retreat, please visit: https://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-WRITE&year=16