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Project Management Central (PMC)

The Office of Institutional Planning has made a project management software system available to effectively manage tasks, deadlines and resources. With Project Management Central (PMC), you can manage projects, programs and entire portfolios for you, your team members, and your supervisor.

Project Management Central (PMC) Training Request Form
*Available to use for any project
*Suggested browser for use is Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher

Types of projects ideal for Project Management Central (PMC):

  • Accreditation Reviews – an external quality review by an accrediting body which may include a self study, peer review, site visit, etc.
  • Program Grant Proposal Submissions – processes may include searching for funding opportunities, or preparing information requests and budgets.
  • Program Grant Award Execution – after a grant is awarded, there will be new tasks such as monitoring the award, payments, expenditures, and progress reports.
  • New Program Development (i.e. new degrees, certificates, dual degrees, on-line programs, etc.) – may include the development of new curriculums, strategic planning, identifying resources, etc.
  • New Business Development - a business opportunity that provides a new source of revenue
  • Curriculum Redesign – the process of rethinking the delivery method of instruction to improve student learning.
  • Program Expansion – An increase in program size due to larger clientele base, the number/types of services offered, larger target market, etc.
  • Process Redesign – an overhaul of a key process with the purpose of achieving better results in performance measures.
  • Organization Redesign – an organizational redesign may be necessary to ensure that new implementations are as effective as they were intended to be.
  • Program Evaluation –  gathering and analyzing  information to determine if certain projects and programs are effective and efficient.
  • System Implementation – the execution of a new plan or method that may involve testing of the system, adjustments, and a final installation or implementation.
  • Relocation/Signficiant Moves – moving a program or operation to a new physical location which may or may not include new construction.
  • Space Renovations – aims for better space utilization by updating existing facilities and buildings for greater efficiency and technology use.
  • Strategic Projects – projects that are planned to meet specific goals outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Non-Strategic Projects– every-day tasks that are necessary for operation but have no specific deliverable as it pertains to the strategic plan.