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Training Manuals

Project Management Central (PMC) 101: Guide for first time users

This manuals gives the first time user an introductory tour of the system and offers direction on navigation. After reading this manual you will know how to access the system and how to naviate to your specific project(s). You will also understand the various dashboards you will be navigating to while working on your project.  




Project Management Central (PMC) 201: Guide for team members

This manual will outline what you need to know to operate in Project Management Central (PMC) as a valuable team member, regardless of your specific role. Team members will be asked to update task progress that they are assigned. This can be done through accessing the tasks through an email alert or in the project task tab in PMC. You may also be asked to upload or edit any corresponding documents associated with tasks assigned to you.




Project Management Central (PMC) 301: Guide for Project Managers
This manual outlines what you need to know to operate in Project Management Central (PMC) as an effective and efficient Project Manager, regardless of the type of project. Project Managers will be asked to create all tasks in the project management plan, possibly edit tasks during the project execution and manage the entire project along the way. This manual will show you the tools Project Management Central (PMC) has made available to help you do this.