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Project Management

What is project management?

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals.

Traditionally, project management has been used in the fields of information technology and engineering in order to achieve specific goals on-time, on-budget, and to the customer’s satisfaction. Although we will not implement a methodology as rigorous as the ones used in these fields, we have developed a homegrown methodology that will allow us to achieve similar results.

For beginers, we offer a document that summarizes the definition of a project, the different components of project management and the benefits to implementing it. This document is called Project Management 101. For users who like what they read and want to know more about how they can implement project managment in their school, department or center, we offer HSC Project Management Lite Methodology resources and hands-on training.

In addition to this methodology, the WVU Health Sciences Center has also purchased Project Management Central (PMC), a software application that will allow Project Managers to organize and track their project(s).