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WVU has a proud history of training graduate students to be successful at the next career level. Outstanding new and established investigators direct relatively small research laboratories populated primarily by graduate students allowing for one-on-one training.

Taken to heart is the following quote by Dr. Bruce Alberts, Editor-in-Chief of Science - “The best research advisors provide their students with enough guidance to prevent them from wasting time on nonproductive pursuits, while giving them the freedom to innovate and to learn from their own mistakes.” (On Becoming a Scientist, Science 326 (13): 916, 2009)

Ethical Affirmation for Scientists

As I embark on my career as a researcher, I willingly pledge that I will honorable represent my scientific profession, that I conduct my research and my professional life in a manner that is always above reproach, and that I will seek to incorporate the body of ethics and moral principles that constitute scientific integrity into all that I do.
I will strive always to ensure that the results of my research and other scientific activities ultimately benefit humanity and that they cause no harm.
With this affirmation, I pledge to acknowledge and honor the contributions of scientists who have preceded me, to seek truth and the advancement of knowledge in all my work, and to become a worthy role model deserving of respect by those who follow me.

Modified from:
Science, Vol. 299, 2003
C. Robert Craig, PhD
G. Anne Cather, M.D.
James L. Culberson, PhD


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