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Orientation of New Students:

An orientation is provided for all new Ph.D. students in mid August of their first year. They are provided information on the integrated First Year – 1st semester core curriculum, the elective graduate modules in the 2nd semester,selection of research rotations, expectations for student performance, and our Computer-Based Learning Center (CBLC) at Health Sciences as a resource. Guidelines related to animal research, and human research including IRB and HIPPA regulations are discussed. Specific computer-based teaching modules are also presented for IRB and HIPPA regulations. During the week-long orientation, students are also instructed and certified in isotopes, biohazards, and use of specialized chemicals per institutional guidelines. Similar to Ph.D. students, all students in the joint M.D./Ph.D. Scholars Program are also required to have training in use of animals in research, IRB guidelines, and HIPPA confidentiality guidelines, etc. Shortly after classes start (early September). New students are introduced to more advanced graduate students and graduate faculty at two annual social gatherings (Annual Graduate Student & Faculty Picnic; Dinner at various Faculty Homes)