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Graduate Faculty Status

To play a central role in graduate education, the faculty member needs to apply for graduate faculty status. This designation allows the faculty member to serve on graduate student committees and to serve on University committees for graduate education. Graduate faculty status can be at the full or associate level. Either level allows service on a student committee but only full members may chair a student committee. For faculty at the Health Science Center, application to and appointment as graduate faculty occurs by submission of the application to the Office of Research and Graduate Education and then review and approval of the application by a subcommittee of the HSC graduate council. Graduate faculty status approvals are for a 3-year term and all terms end on December 31 of the third year.

Important notes:

  1. A faculty member is appointed to graduate faculty status by their home college or school, and all other colleges and schools at WVU recognize that graduate faculty status.  For example, if a student in the School of Nursing wishes to have a faculty member from the Department of Psychology on their committee, the School of Nursing recognizes the graduate faculty status that was appointed by Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. 

  2. Committees may have a single representative from outside the University.  If these individuals are members of the graduate faculty of their respective Universities, that status is recognized by WVU.  If the individual is not in an academic institution, their scientific achievements should be at a similar level as graduate faculty at an academic institution.

  3. West Virginia University has a special collaboration with NIOSH.  Scientists at NIOSH can train graduate students and be their primary mentor/advisor.  NIOSH scientists who wish to mentor a student or to serve on a graduate student’s committee need to apply to be members of the graduate faculty at the associate level. 

  4. Regardless of scientific achievement, only full-time WVU employees can have full graduate faculty status and be eligible to serve as chair of a dissertation or thesis advisory committee.  Graduate faculty at the associate level can be a co-chair on a committee provided the other co-chair has full graduate faculty status.

Policy for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty at the WVU Health Sciences Center

The above link provides the requirements for appointment to the graduate faculty at either the regular or associate level for faculty within the 5 Schools of the Health Sciences Center. Note that our requirements are more specific than the minimum established for WVU as a whole.

Application for Graduate Faculty Membership

The above link provides a fillable form to apply for graduate faculty status. Please print the completed form and send it and the requested documentation to:

HSC Office of Research and Graduate Education

PO Box 9024

2267 HSS

Applications from new faculty can be sent at any time during the year and will be processed upon receipt. The term of membership will be for 3 years plus any additional months between the appointment to the graduate faculty and December 31 of that year. Renewal applications will be solicited by the Office of Research and Graduate Education in November prior to expiration of status and the new term will begin January 1.

Current Members

The above link provides a list by department of the current members of the Graduate faculty, their level of membership, and the year in which their term of membership expires.