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1.  What is the time frame for the degree?

The degree spans 2 consecutive semesters and the entire summer session.  Thus, a full time student can expect to begin the program on the first day of class for the Fall semester, generally the third week in August, and finish the last day of Summer session, generally the first week in August.  Prior to the start of classes, students will schedule appointments to meet with an advisor to register for courses and complete the individual development plan to evaluate their career goals.

2.  Does successful completion of the program guarantee me an interview with a professional or graduate school admission's committee?

No, the goal of the program is to enhance your knowledge as well as provide additional skills to help you reach your goal.  The program cannot guarantee that you will receive offers for interviews or admission to any program.

3.  Will I take a course to prepare me to take MCAT, DAT or GRE tests?

Yes, during the final summer of the program, time is allotted for test preparation activities.  These involve online courses that have a strong reputation for success.

4.  Are the costs of test preparation courses included in my tuition?

The program will share the cost of these courses with the student.  You do not need to register for a WVU course to do this so there will be no additional tuition payment.

5.  What do I do during summer session?  What courses do I take?

The only required summer course in Independent study.  Students may take other courses depending on their interest.  The summer is also a time when students work on career development skills.  These activities do not require that a student register for a course or pay additional tuition.  Student's who choose to take test prep courses will need to pay a portion of the cost of these courses to the company providing the course but do not pay tuition to WVU for these courses.

6.  Is this program only for science majors?

Not necessarily.  The list of suggested pre-requisites is:

  • Biology or related coursework – 1 year
  • Chemistry – 2 years
  • Physics – 1 year
  • Math through Calculus
  • Coursework in the Social or Behavioral Sciences and English
  • Coursework in Physiology and Biochemistry are recommended

These are courses are what can be required by profession degree programs such as the MD or DDS and graduate programs in science.  If you are looking to enhance your science education without going on to these degrees, you want to make sure that you have sufficient background for the coursework in biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology in this program.  At a minimum, some coursework in Biology and Chemistry would be necessary.  Contact us with a list of the science courses that you have taken and your grade and we would be happy to evaluate this for you. 

7.  Do I have to do the program as a full-time student?

No, although we highly recommend that you do.  While we can offer some flexibility, courses that are part of the core curriculum are only offered at specific times.  We appreciate that financial and personal situations may make full-time student status impossible.  Let us know your concerns and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.