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Appendix A Potential Independent Study Projects

The independent study project involves 6 credits of the core curriculum and will be a research project involving either bench science, clinical research or population/public health research.  The project will be with one of the mentors or heavily supervised by the mentor.  The outcomes will be summarized in manuscript format as well as presented orally.  Examples of potential projects are:

  1. Testing of a hypothesis in a research laboratory.  This would involve a hands-on experience in a research laboratory.
  2. Retrospective analysis of clinical outcomes.  Such projects are routinely done by medical students as research rotations or summer activities.
  3. Testing of a hypothesis using existing community interventions.  We have a number of projects in the HSC that involve interacting with groups in the community for specific health related interventions.
  4. Secondary analysis of a national database, e.g., NHANES.
  5. Participation in data management for an existing clinical or community study, e.g., the CARDIAC project.