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Completion of the Degree

A.  Timetable for completion (from the University Catalog) 

Master's degree students are permitted to continue in a program for a maximum of eight years under their original application. Students who have been inactive for two or more years, or who do not enroll for one year after initial admission, are required to apply for, and be accepted for readmission. The application fee is assessed for reapplication. Graduate work planned with the student's advisory committee (e.g., plan of study) must be satisfactorily completed within a period of eight years immediately preceding the conferring of the degree. A course taken more than eight years previously must be revalidated if it is to be used towards meeting degree requirements. Revalidation can be accomplished by submitting the following information for approval to the Office of Graduate Education and Life:

  • A letter from the course instructor listing the criteria used to revalidate the course material
  • A copy of the student's performance on the student's revalidation examination
  • A letter from the college/school graduate coordinator and/or dean supporting the revalidation

B.  Admission to graduate and professional degree programs

This course of study is designed to enhance the student's competitiveness and preparedness for admission to advanced degree programs.  Students are encouraged to discuss this thoroughly with their mentoring team.  Completion of the MS in Health Sciences does not guarantee admission to any program or attainment of any position.