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WVU Stroke Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (WVU Stroke CoBRE)

Competition for Junior Faculty Grants, December 2016

The WVU Stroke CoBRE intends to fund up to 4 high quality junior faculty grants from investigators interested in conducting basic, translational and/or clinical research into the mechanism(s), prevention, prediction, biomarkers, acute treatment, recovery and/or rehabilitation of stroke. Deadline 5:00pm, February 17, 2017.



WVU HSC Bridge Funding Grants (BFGs) revised August 12, 2015

Bridge Funding Grants (BFGs) are intended to provide temporary support to continue operations of investigators whose extramural funding is ending. This program provides funds from the AVP Office for Research and Graduate Education.

Submission Guidelines


Holly Legleiter
Phone: (304) 293-7207
Fax: (304) 293-7038


Violence and Injury Prevention Exploratory Research

The West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center (WVU-ICRC) is pleased to announce it is seeking proposals for the 2015 round of funding through Exploratory Research Program (ERP). The ERP provides seed funding for innovative research in injury and/or violence prevention and control. The ERP funds projects that will lead investigators to develop new and creative research that will be competitive for larger, independently-funded investigations.

ERP projects may be up to 12 months in duration and have a total budget of $50,000 (combined direct and indirect costs).

This announcement invites the submission of brief concept papers. Investigators who submit projects which show exceptional promise will be asked to submit a full proposal (due on June 5).

For more information, visit the WVU-ICRC Exploratory Research page.

The WVU-ICRC is one of eleven Injury Control Research Centers in the Nation supported with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information about WVU-ICRC, visit the Website or follow the Center on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

David Fulaytar
Assistant Director for Administration
Phone: (304) 293-3320

Kimberly Rauscher, ScD, MA
Assistant Professor- WVU School of Public Health
Assistant Director for Research- WVU-ICRC

Research and Scholarship Advancement Grants (formerly Senate Research Grants)

Research and Scholarship Advancement Grants are designed to stimulate and support creative scholarship and research conducted by full-time faculty and to encourage development of additional support from other sources. Faculty on the regional campuses at Potomac State College, WVU-Parkersburg, and WVU Institute of Technology should seek support similar to that of the Research and Scholarship Advancement Grant Program on their respective campuses.

The Office of Sponsored Programs receives the applications for this program.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

Phone: (304) 293-3998
Fax: (304) 293-7435


Grants for Community Engagement

Community Engagement grants, formerly known as Public Service grants, are designed to stimulate and support community outreach and engagement projects that benefit the citizens of West Virginia and are conducted by members of the Faculty Assembly and other full-time regular employees. Funding from this program is intended to encourage development of additional support for these projects from other sources in the future as well as scholarly output. Funding is provided from the Provost’s Office.

The Office of Sponsored Programs receives the applications for this program.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

Phone: (304) 293-3998
Fax: (304) 293-7435


Faculty Travel and Development Grants

Funds can be used to present work (formerly supported by travel grants) or to take advantage of another professional development opportunity either at a conference (which can include attendance at the conference for networking and informational purposes, attendance at grant getting seminars, etc) or in another venue (e.g., visiting an archive; formerly funded under faculty development grants). Proof of acceptance is no longer required for travel grants and the entire application is online, no supplemental application or proof of acceptance is needed. We do not fund stay abroad trips or trips in which you are paid to speak.

The amount of funding will depend upon the number of applications received, but will not exceed a maximum of $800 for domestic travel and $1000 for international. Maximums are per person and not per trip, thus a person can apply more than once as long as they have not exceeded the maximum per person amount within a fiscal year.

The Office of Sponsored Programs receives the applications for this program.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

Phone: (304) 293-3998
Fax: (304) 293-7435

International Grants

The Faculty International Grant Program supports activities in the area of research, curriculum development and outreach. A proposal is more likely to be funded if it can be viewed as “seed money” for clearly planned project development and with significant potential for a long-term impact on the entire University or on one or more of its units.

Please be aware that prior to any international academic travel you will need to speak with Dr. Gary Morris, Export Control Officer, regarding West Virginia University’s Export Control guidelines. You can find more information regarding Export Control and international travel at: http://oric.research.wvu.edu/export_control

For any questions or issues regarding Export Control please contact exportcontrol@mail.wvu.edu or Nancy Draper, Export Control Analyst at Nancy.Draper@mail.wvu.edu.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

Phone: (304) 293-3998
Fax: (304) 293-7435


WVU Research Corporation Investment in Research Stimulation

The WVU Research Corporation offers the PSCoR (Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). The primary intent for these funds is to increase faculty competitiveness in obtaining extramural research support, i.e., to support efforts that lead to proposal submission and external funding that will ultimately advance the WVU research enterprise.

Submission Guidelines and Forms

Clinical and Translational Pilot Grants Program

WVU Internal Grants Portal

On behalf of the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources (Statler) and the School of Medicine (SoM), we are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to stimulate externally funded collaborative biomedical engineering research. This opportunity is made possible through the support of the Byars-Tarnay Endowment in the WVU Foundation. The endowment was established to build biomedical engineering programs for the Statler College with the SoM.

Submission Guidelines & Forms

Phone: (304) 293-3449