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HSC Review Process

  • The HSC Office of Research requires 3 full working days to complete its review process.
  • During the review process the following is being checked:
    • All form pages, including the EBS information - Presence of all required departmental approvals, assurance information (IRB, ACUC, etc.), and F&A return.
    • Budget - Correct salary compared to percent effort, use of current negotiated F&A rate. For modular grants, the inclusion of an internal detailed expenditure budget.
    • Budget narrative - Consistency with budget.
    • Format and overall consistency - Adherence to required format, consistency between methodology section and budget. Review the sponsor instructions/guidelines to be sure that the application responds to the call for proposals.
    • Special guidelines - Adherence to sponsor guidelines, in the case of a specific solicitation.

    The HSC Office of Research does not review the science of a proposal narrative, beyond verifying compliance issues as well as the inclusion of such things as animals described in the methodology. Also excluded from review is the soundness of preliminary scientific data.

  • The HSC Office of Research approves for both the School of Medicine Dean and the HSC Vice President's Office. Proposals from Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy are required to have their dean included as an approver as well as the Vice President's Office designee (Valerie Lemasters).

  • If a proposal requires changes, they will be annotate in an email message to the investigator. Revised documents are to be re-uploaded in EBS before submitting to OSP.

  • When a proposal requires no further changes, the proposal simply approved in EBS. The next step is to submit the proposal to Office of Sponsored Programs (Once all approvals are in place, a “Submit to OSP” button will appear in the PI/creator EBS. The proposal is NOT submitted until the PI (or creator) have clicked on the Submit to OSP button. The progress of the proposal may continue to be tracked through the EBS through to the Submission to Sponsor.