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Poster Session instructions 

Submissions will be accepted from December 15, 2017 to February 16, 2018.  Please continue to check back for details and open call for submissions.

The poster session will be held at the Health Sciences Center, Learning Center Commons.  Only one abstract per person will be accepted. Early submission is encouraged. The abstract should state the objective of the study and/or the hypothesis being tested, the methods used, the data obtained, the conclusions and the relevance of the studies to human health.

Student abstracts should represent their own efforts, but students are encouraged to ask their advisor to review abstract organization, data interpretation and conclusions.

Be sure to include as much information (program, year, advisor, etc.) on the application as possible to ensure you are grouped correctly.

Any questions regarding the Van Liere Research Conference or abstract submission should be directed to:


Holly Legleiter
(304) 293-7207