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Shipping Instructions

All Packages MUST arrive at Central Receiving by 1:15 p.m. for same day service.

If you are shipping ANYTHING (boxes, packages, envelopes, etc.) from Central Receiving, please read the following:

  • COMPLETELY fill out all forms:
    • FedEx¬†AirBill (all parts, including dangerous goods, method of shipment, etc.).
    • UPS Shipping Document (all parts, including dangerous goods, method of shipment, etc.).
    • Return Info Sheet (for Central Receiving and Emergency Dispatch, located in Central Receiving or online.).
      • Fill all information that is applicable (not everything will be filled out, but be sure to note what you are shipping and the quantity).
      • Be specific with name and quantity of what you are shipping.
      • Be sure to sign and date document.
  • Package the material in accordance with applicable US Department of Transportation (DOT) and¬†International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulatory guidelines.
  • Make a copy of the FedEx AirBill or the UPS Shipping Document, and attach it to the Return Information Sheet.
  • Hand all documents and opened packages to Shipping Personnel for inspection.

* For any questions, please contact Bob Wade at (304) 293-5530.

You may call the Health Sciences Safety Office at (304) 293-0952.

If you are shipping biological materials or hazardous materials, please click on the material that you are shipping.