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Committee Membership

Committee Membership


Natalie Caravasos
HSC Safety Office
Room: G-140
P.O. Box: 9004
Phone: (304) 293-7953




Kim Bryner
HSC Safety Office
Room: G-140
P.O. Box: 9004
Phone: (304) 293-3968
Email: kbryner@hsc.wvu.edu
Angela Lemmon
HSC Safety Office
Administrative Associate
Room: G-140
P.O. Box: 9004
Phone: (304) 293-0952
Email: alemmon@hsc.wvu.edu
Kelsey Baker
HSC Safety Office
Graduate Assistant
Room:  G140
P.O. Box:  9004
Phone:  (304) 581-1155
E Mail:  kbaker21@mail.wvu.edu
Alexandra Elliott
Biosafety Officer
HSC Safety Office
Room:  G140
P.O. Box:  9004
Phone:  (304) 293-7157
E Mail:  aaelliot@mail.wvu.edu

Frank Ali
Office of Laboratory Animal Resources
P.O. Box: 9029
Phone: (304) 293-1813
Email: fali@hsc.wvu.edu

Amanda Ammer
P.O. Box: 9300
Phone: (304) 293-5972
Email:  aammer@hsc.wvu.edu

Rena Bouchal
Anatomic PathologyP.O. Box: 8009
(304) 293-7765
Email: bouchalr@rcbhsc.wvu.edu
Lana Bunner, RN, BSN, CHSP
Nurse Clinician-Safety
WVU Healthcare
PO Box:  8067
Phone: (304) 598-4055 X78099
Email: bunnerl@wvuh.com
Michael Cain
Maintenance Engineering
P.O. Box: 9040
Phone: (304) 293-4394
Email: mcain@wvu.edu
Patrick Callery
Basic Pharmaceutical Science
P.O. Box: 9530
Phone: (304) 293-1482
Email: pcallery@hsc.wvu.edu
  Kristen Daft
Radiation Safety
Phone: (304) 293-9770
Email: klsavage@hsc.wvu.edu
Robyn Warbel
School of Nursing
P.O. Box: 9600
Phone: (304) 293-1784
Email: rowarbel@hsc.wvu.edu
    Anna Crawford
HSC Library
P.O. Box: 9801
Phone:  (304) 293-1922
Email:  anna.crawford@mail.wvu.edu
Thomas Hussion
Maintenance Engineering
P.O. Box: 9040
Phone: (304) 293-4394
Email: thussion@hsc.wvu.edu

Beth Ann O'Neil
WVU Hospitals
Phone: (304) 293-7629
Email: oneilb@wvuhealthcare.com
Darwin Malley
Cancer Center Research Lab (MBRCC)
Phone:  (304) 293-2099
Email:  dmaley@hsc.wvu.edu
Debbie Piktel
Department of Microbiology
P.O. Box: 9177
Phone: (304) 293-4067
Email: dpiktel@hsc.wvu.edu
Carrie Smith-Bell
P.O Box: 9229
Phone: (304) 293-0496
Email: cbell@hsc.wvu.edu
Braynard Collins
Morgue Coordinator
Phone: (304) 293-4069
Email: collinsb@wvuhealthcare.com
Barbara Foster
Safety Director of C. Eugene Bennett
Department of Chemistry
215 Clark Hall
Phone:   (304) 293-2729
Email:   Barbara.Foster@mail.wvu.edu            
  Travis L. Knuckles, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Occupational and
  Environmental Health Sciences
School of Public Health
Phone:  (304) 293-1007
PO BOX:  9229
Email: tknuckles@hsc.wvu.edu
April Cukic
Assistant Dean
Professional Programs
School of Medicine
Phone:  (304) 293-1320
PO BOX:  9225
Email:  acukic@hsc.wvu.edu