Distinguished Alumnus Award

Established in 1984 by the Executive Council of the West Virginia University School of Medicine Alumni Association. Revised in 1995 by the Awards Committee - to honor alumni "whose distinguished careers and unselfish contributions to society have enhanced the prestige of West Virginia University School of Medicine and, in their own way, have helped to upgrade the quality of health care."

Selection Criteria

A candidate must be a graduate (MD or PhD) of the West Virginia University School of Medicine whose career has been distinguished by scholarly achievement, humanitarian contribution, or outstanding service to the institution. This award honors a single outstanding accomplishment, or a lifetime of merit with international or national recognition.

Want to Nominate Someone?

Send your nomination and letter of support to:

WVU School of Medicine
Office of Alumni Affairs
PO Box 9114
Morgantown, WV 26506-9114
Email: lnine@hsc.wvu.edu


2009 John R. Marler, MD, Class of 1980
2008 Ellen Shaw de Paredes, MD, Class of 1978
2007 Raymond F. Morgan, MD, Class of 1976
2006 William A. Neal, MD, Class of 1966
2005 Larry W. Moreland, MD, Class of 1983
2004 Richard M. Allman, MD, Class of 1980
2003 Ronald O. Valdiserri, MD, Class of 1977
2002 James E. Cottrell, MD, Class of 1968
2001 Ivan Schwab, MD, Class of 1973
2000 Edward J. Shahady, MD, Class of 1964
1999 David P. Westfall, PhD, Class of 1968
1998 Margaret A. Kessinger, MD, Class of 1967
1997 Margaret C. Heagarty, MD, Class of 1959
1996 Charles B. Cuono, MD, PhD, Class of 1971
1995 Larry K. Pickering, MD, Class of 1970
1994 David C. Fogarty, MD, Class of 1973
1993 Michael J. Lewis, MD, Class of 1975
1992 C. Richard Daniel, Sr., MD, Class of 1954
1991 Lawrence A. Krames, MD, Class of 1966
1990 Isaiah A. Wiles, MD *, Class of 1933
1989 David Z. Morgan, MD, Class of 1950
1988 Jay M. Arena, MD *, Class of 1930
1987 Mitchell M. Benedict, MD *, Class of 1923
1986 Dana L. Farnsworth, MD *, Class of 1931
1985 Larry Schwab, MD, Class of 1966
1984 Pat A. Tuckwiller, MD *, Class of 1926

* deceased

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