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Surgical Oncology



Clinical Conditions Eligible For Telemedicine (Outpatient)

  • Breast Cancer Follow up (post-op)
  • Breast Cancer Follow up (6 mths & 1 yr if no imaging needed)
  • Benign breast lesions
  • Liver mass
  • Pancreas mass
  • Ventral hernia
  • Post-Operative Visits

Average Appointment Length

  • New Patients: 30 min.
  • Return Patients: 15 min.

Information Required Prior to Telemedicine Consultation

  • Complete H&P (all elements of a complete H&P should be included: PMHx, PSHx, Allergies, Meds, Social hx, Fam hx, ROS)
  • Copy of PCP initial intake and follow-up evaluation pertaining to problem prompting referral indicating his/her impression, plan and specific questions
  • Breast cancer and ovarian cancer family history
  • Report of mammograms, breast US, breast MRI, Biopsy results
  • Relevant imaging including (CT, MRI/MRCP, ERCP, US, etc) should be loaded into image grid for the surgeon to review

Established Clinics:

  • Davis Memorial Hospital, Elkins, WV

If interested in learning more about how to refer your Surgical Oncology outpatients to WVU, please contact:

Emily Butorac
Clinical Scheduler