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Pediatric Transport

Request the Transport Team: 1-855-WVU-KIDS or 1-855-988-5437

Preparing the Patient for Transport

When arranging for patient transport via the Transport Team of WVU Children’s Hospital, please have this information available: 

  • Patient name
  • Age
  • Diagnosis, presenting problem, or mode of injury
  • Vital signs
  • Weight
  • Pertinent laboratory / diagnostic data
  • Treatment received
  • Contact phone number

If on-site telemedicine consult is necessary please follow the NICU Telemedicine procedures.

Transport Team (In-Route) Procedures:

  1. Phone MCP and let them know that you need to connect to them
  2. Ensure Toughbook is connected to amulance wireless
  3. Plug in the webcam (located in the carrier attached to the handle of the toughbook).
  4. Place camera on top of the toughbook.
  5. Go to Vidyo icon on the Toughbook desktop
  6. Login<
  7. Join the MCP's Vidyo Room to connect
  8. Complete QI Form (located in the third slot of our transport desk file).