All news content must be entered through SOLE News.

All news is viewed via the central News page including news for departments, divisions, and offices. A category has been added for each department, division, and office in SOLE News.

Do not manually add news content or list news in any other way in the Umbraco editor.

The story headline should be engaging, short, and to the point. Keep in mind that the story headline should fit comfortably in search results and in posts on social media. A good rule of thumb is to keep the character length around 70 characters or eight words or less. Use the sub-heading to expand on or clarify the story’s headline, if necessary.

The story summary is one sentence that expresses what the story is and is displayed under the story headline in a list of stories.

Story feature image - Carefully select a photo that meets brand photography guidelines. The photo must be 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 1200px wide. Don't use a photo that is pixelated or renders overlying copy illegible.

To begin working in the SOLE News System please contact to request training.

Accessibility information

  • Please make sure headings in articles follow the appropriate Headings and Subheadings structure. This helps to meet accessibility standards as the scope of titles and paragraphs in content become more clear.
  • When adding images to content, please be sure to include alternative text with the image. Alternative text should be a sentence and not just the name of the photo.
    • Ex: "Image123.jpg" vs "Dr. Smith accepting the award for his research"

You can more accessibility information under the accessibility page of this guide.