How to add a video using the Embedded Video macro in the Umbraco editor

  1. Place the cursor on a new line in the Umbraco editor.
  2. Click the Insert Macro button.
  3. Expand the “Choose a macro” dropdown and select “Embedded Video”.
  4. Paste the URL of the video you wish to add to the page into the “Video URL” box. Note: The video must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. (Examples: or
  5. Optionally, you can check the “Show Video Description?” box to have the description from the YouTube/Vimeo page appear beneath the embedded video.
  6. Select the “Submit” button, and continue editing the page as normal.

Accessibility information: Use captions/transcripts and alternative methods of providing information

Closed captioning or transcripts should be available for all videos. This is useful in that it provides much of the same information conveyed in the video to those who may have difficulty hearing, or may be in a situation where relying on audible content isn’t possible (e.g., a noisy location or a place where having audio play from a device is inappropriate). Additionally, captions and transcripts—as well as providing the information presented in the videos in other formats—helps with search engine optimization (SEO); that is, the content in the video can be discoverable to search engines.


For video production support and coordination, please contact David Ryan.

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David Ryan

Social Media and Internet Strategist - University Relations