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Feature Buttons

Feature Buttons should be used primarily to support the other elements of the Feature Area. Any Feature Set is allotted up to three Feature Buttons. This keeps things relatively clean and open. Maximum button word length should be 6 words. Make sure to review the Buttons page for additional tips on writing button text.

Multiple example Feature Areas with the Feature Buttons highlighted.

Feature Button Types #

Primary Feature Button #

In Randomized Features, you are allotted one Primary Feature Button per Feature Set. The Primary Feature Button is used to directly support the purpose or story of your Feature Set. A page with a single Feature Set does not have the option to add a Primary Feature Button; they are exclusive to Randomized Features.

Additional Feature Buttons #

In Randomized Features, you are allotted up to two additional Feature Buttons to go with your Primary Feature Button. On a page with a single Feature Set, you are allotted up to three Feature Buttons per Feature Set. These do not necessarily need to directly support the Feature Set, and can be used to point people to other high importance links or areas of your website, such as News and Events.

Maintaining Feature Buttons #

Adding Feature Buttons #

  1. In the "Feature Buttons" section, Click  Add.
  2. You will have the option to "Link to Document" (Add a URL) or select a page in Umbraco to link to.
    1. To link to a URL (outside of Umbraco), put the URL in the "Link to Document" field.
    2. To link to a page in Umbraco, find the page in the page listing. Click on that page. That page's icon will turn into a  blue checkmark.
  3. Click Select.

Editing Feature Buttons #

  1. Locate the button you want to edit in the "Feature Buttons" section.
  2. Hovering over the button will turn the icon into an  Editing pencil icon. Click the button.
  3. Repeat step two and three of Adding Feature Buttons.

Sorting Feature Buttons #

Clicking and dragging the  Sort icon to the left of the button allows you to drag and drop that button where you want to place it.

Removing Feature Buttons #

  1. Locate the button you want to remove in the "Feature Buttons" section.
  2. Click the  Close icon to the left of the button you want to remove.