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Choosing an Image #

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing an image to use on a page in your website:

  • Use the WVU Photo Request form to request a photo shoot of your event from University Relations News/Photography services.
  • Go to the WVU Photos website for university approved photos if you do not have an image that meets your needs. To see other examples of WVU Brand approved photos please view the WVU Brand Photos page.
  • Do not use images where text is a majority or the focus of the image. This is not accessible and can lead to text that is not readable.
  • Do not use group or staff photos. University guidelines advise the use of more in-the-moment photography.
  • Do not create collages.
  • Do not use screen captures of any kind (videos, websites, etc).
  • Do not remove the background from the subject in a photo.

Image Cropper Tool #

The Image Cropper Tool is used in the Feature Area and on other pages, such as Profile Pages, to crop and optimize large images.

Learn About the Image Cropper Tool

Images in the Editor #

You can insert images directly into your content using the  Media Picker or the  Figure macro in the editor. You can also style those images using Image Floats.

Learn About Images in the Editor

Image Galleries #

 Image Galleries are deprecated and will not be supported in future Umbraco-based websites. Social Media is the most effective place to display large sets of photos from events. To discuss Image Galleries and appropriate use, contact David Ryan.

Learn About Image Galleries

Accessibility #

Alternative text is a way to describe images in a non-visual manner. It is especially important for users who cannot see the images on a website or for situations where an image is not able to be downloaded by a user’s browser.

Try and avoid using images in the following instances:

  • Do not use photos where text is the focus or majority of the image. In these instances, the photo is not providing much visual help. It is suggested that photos adhere to WVU Brand Guidelines.
  • We advise against using charts or graphs as images. You can email CMS Desk or contact your Communicator to help you come up with more suitable solutions. If you think a chart or graph is needed, please learn more about providing alternative text by clicking the button below.

Learn About Writing Alternative Text