Your guide for better content.

This website serves as a tool to help create better websites through understanding content layout.

Content Principles

We want audiences to connect with our brand in a personal way, and that means talking more like a person. By carefully selecting our words, and phrasing them within a consistent, deliberate writing style, the Mountaineer personality comes to life.

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Content Elements

Text Formatting

Proper text formatting can be crucial to meeting basic accessibility concerns.


Use lists to present steps, groups, or sets of information.


Use links to point users to relevant content and trusted external resources.


If there is information that a website needs to point to with more emphasis than a link, a button is a great option.


Images are a valuable way to welcome people and pull them into a websites content.


The “blockquote” format is used specifically for highlighting a quote.


Using tables to display content is not well supported option. It is best to break this information down into formatted content or PDF/Word documents.


Directories pull the most up to date information from the HSC Directory to ensure faculty and staff are consistent across websites.


News pulls information from the SOLE News System to populate websites with news specific to them.


Events are an opportunity to highlight activity relevant to the website’s audience.


Forms allow you to gather information from people viewing the website. Learn about creating and adding forms to a website


Video is the most engaging option to present information to people.


Each of the content elements are important to ensuring websites remain responsive and accessible.