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Sorting Pages

As you create new pages, or are reviewing your pre-existing pages, sorting pages can be a useful tool. You can sort pages by targeting the "parent" page (level above the pages you want to change the sort order of).

Choosing a Sort Order #

  • Name - Alphabetically lists the pages by name. Default order is Ascending.
  • Creation Date - Lists the pages by their date of creation. Default order is Ascending.
  • Sort Order - Lists the pages by the sort order, numerically. The sort order is the order the pages were in before you began the sorting process. (Example: you have dragged and dropped a few pages, but decide it's not the order you would like. Click the "Sort Order" label to reset the pages back to their original order.)
  • Custom - Drag and drop pages to your preferred order. (Example: sort pages by your website's individual needs, such as ranking of importance.)

Sorting Pages #

  1. Click the  Menu/Options button on the page you want to sort pages under.
  2. Click  Sort.
  3. To the right of the page listing, a duplicate listing will appear. Drag and drop pages (Custom), or click the labels (Name, Creation Date, Sort Order) to sort them.
  4. Click Save.