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George A. Spirou, Ph.D.
Professor; Director, Center for Neuroscience
Graduate Training:
Neuroscience, University of Florida
Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Departments of Otolaryngology; Physiology & Pharmacology West Virginia University School of Medicine
Contact Information:
One Medical Center Drive
PO Box 9304 Health Sciences Center
Morgantown, WV 26506-9304
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George Spirou
3D reconstruction of the developing Calyx of Held
Research Interests

Two related topics are studied in our laboratory: neural mechanisms for sound localization and development of neural circuits that mediate sound localization. Our focus is on brainstem circuits that perform the initial calculation of source location based on temporal delays in arrival of a sound at the two ears. We study the cellular and circuit mechanisms by which the brain extracts this information and encodes source location.

Techniques include:

Cellular Physiology
  • in vitro brain-slice physiology and pharmacology
  • whole-cell current and voltage clamp
  • fluorescence imaging of Ca transients
  • single unit in vivo recording
  • single neuron biophysical and circuit models (NEURON-based)

Structural Neurobiology:
  • Non-linear and linear optical microscopy (2 photon, confocal imaging)
  • neurolucida reconstructions of labeled neurons
  • high resolution, large volume ultrastructure of neuronal circuits

Molecular Biology:
  • Real-time PCR (tissue and single cell)
  • Microarray (exon level analysis)