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Interprofessional Education


Process & Expectations

  1. Participate in a team project that is designed to address one of the Healthy People 2020 Objectives.
  2. Select personal competency goals from the Pew Health Professions Commission, 21 Competencies for the 21st Century.
  3. Help create an AHEC IPE Team Work Plan that will impact your team objectives and develop your chosen competencies.
  4. Devote at least two sessions per week to interdisciplinary teamwork. 
  5. Develop a summary AHEC IPE Team Portfolio to include:

A. Healthy People 2020 Objective(s) chosen

B. Local data that defines your community

C. AHEC IPE Team Work Plan

D. Minutes of each AHEC IPE Team meeting/presentation/intervention

E. Recommendations for future teams 

6.Complete AHEC IPE evaluation, reflections, and discuss outcomes