Coronavirus Stress and Resilience

As you are aware, WVU leadership announced a plan this week to limit person-to-person contact by moving classes to an online format after the completion of Spring Break. Many colleges and universities are taking similar steps to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for their students, faculty, and staff.

We are offering you this blog as a reminder to first and foremost, take a deep breath and remember you have one central location to access up-to-date, ACCURATE information as a WVU community member: Coronavirus WVU

I won’t repeat any of those steps here, but do want to give a helpful tip. When washing your hands with soap and water for at least a full 20 seconds, try singing Country Roads to yourself while washing as your timer. By the time you reach the first chorus, you’re good! I promise I’ll join in if I happen to be washing my hands at the same time. Be prepared.

We know that change is hard. It can create stress and worry about what this might mean. For your grades. For your internship experiences and hours. For your ability to successfully access online platforms. We get it. And we're here. BeWell will be open and operational to provide stress reduction and management, just as usual. The main office of the Carruth Center will do the same, as will our other satellite office in the Athletics Department. In the meantime, check out this CDC resource on effective mental health coping through COVID-19: CDC Stigma and Resilience

I am a big fan of listening to the experts on this one and minimizing other media content right now, especially the "trying to get a big, worried or scary reaction for the cameras" kind of media. We have little control in the grand scheme of how this plays out. There are steps you can take for prevention like those above, and you should take them seriously.

Beyond that, take the time you are away from campus to connect with those you love, do the things you love, and simple be. Be Well.

- Dr. Jen