Try This Tuesday: Art Therapy

In case you missed the in person Try This Tuesday, you are in luck! Art therapy activities can still be done from the comfort of your own home or in between classes.

While many adults shy away from the idea of art therapy, often thinking of it as juvenile or silly, studies have found that art therapy helps with recovery, healing, restoring balance in mind and body, and expressing emotions. These things can help those struggling with anxiety, depression, or other health concerns.

Here is an art therapy technique to try:

My Past and Future Hands

Materials: You'll need thicker paper and art supplies, such as crayons, markers, paint, stickers, and/or colored pencils.


  • Using a piece of paper, (preferably thicker paper) trace both hands using a pencil.
  • At the top of the paper, write “My Past Hands Hold” over the left hand, and “My Future Hands Hold” over the right hand.
  • Begin by filling in the left hand to illustrate your past/what you have overcome (brainstorm first or jump right in).
    • Ask yourself…
      • What does my past look like?
      • What does my past feel like?
      • Who exists there?
      • What kind of things are part of my past?
  • Repeat the above step for your right hand, this time asking yourself to imagine your future (brainstorm first or jump right in).
    • Ask yourself…
      • What color is my future?
      • What does my future feel like?
      • Who do I want to be there?
      • What do I hope is a part of my future?
  • Once done, reflect on your experience!
    • Things to reflect on:
      • What was it like?
      • What surprised me?
      • What did I like?
      • How did I feel before and how do I feel now?