Try This Tuesday: Chillpack

WVU’s chillPACK has been around since I attended college. Over the years, it has gradually changed from focus on self-compassion to self-care. WVU has researched the effectiveness of students using the chillPACK for an entire month and the results have shown that students report feeling 30% more productive.

Stress is common amongst college students. According to a recent AP-mtvU poll, 85% of college students report feeling stressed daily. Simple activities that are easy to learn can dramatically change the way someone perceives stress.

So want to give it a try? Try using WVU’s chillPACK every day for one month straight. These activities are short and to the point, ranging from 1 minute to a maximum of 30 minutes. These activities target all components of wellbeing, which in return can impact our quality of life, mental health, and productivity.

Check it out here: chillPACK | Well WVU | West Virginia University