Try This Tuesday: Friday's Laws

Have you struggled to make sense of stressors, problems, and difficulties that arise day to day? Have you tried to change others to improve your situation? Do you ever get frustrated by wishing things were different?

According to Dr. Paul J. Friday, the Chief Clinical Psychologist at UPMC Shadyside, he has established eight fundamental principles to bring a more effective framework for our thoughts as we encounter difficulties. He aims to “improve what is good in life and change what is not so good."

Friday’s Laws are a way to “gain perspective on the stresses and problems that impact daily living." Through understanding of these laws, we can achieve more harmony between our thoughts, feelings and actions, which ultimately can impact our quality of life and mental wellbeing.

Here are Friday’s 8 Laws:

  1. Life is difficult.
  2. Perception is reality.
  3. Change is the toughest thing a human being can do.
  4. You can never change another human being; you can only change yourself. Once you change, they change, but you cannot change them.
  5. I am responsible for everything I do and say. I am not responsible for your response.
  6. The future and the past are seldom as good or as bad as we anticipate or remember.
  7. Nobody has a squeaky-clean psyche.
  8. The only thing that lasts forever is now.

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