Try This Tuesday: Mental Health Apps

Nervous about addressing your mental health needs in person with a counselor? Or maybe you don’t have time for 50-minute therapy sessions and you're just looking for resources, tips, and quick guidance on how to navigate your depression, anxiety, or related concerns.

Well, consider using a mental health app.

There are numerous apps for different mental health concerns that are just floating around — some free and some for a small fee. Apps are easily accessible and many provide notification options, which can help remind us to focus on our mental health and wellbeing.

The following websites break down mental health apps into different categories and/or targets specific populations.

Also, did you know that WVU has contracted with an app called Talkspace? Any WVU student can sign up for Talkspace and that gives you two FREE 30-minute consultation appointments a month. There is also no limit on sessions and you can even text with your therapist. Click on this link to sign up: Talkspace | Carruth Center | West Virginia University (