Try This Tuesday: Movement for Mood

Did you know that movement can directly impact your mood? We typically see a lot of eyes rolling whenever we ask this question, but the research does support it.

Movement doesn’t have to mean rigorous exercise or the dread of packing up and heading to the gym. Movement can be fun and creative, like hiking outdoors or playing Frisbee golf with friends. Movement can help us feel less frazzled, restore our energy and mood, gain more restful sleep, or help us to feel less anxious or worried.

Interested in trying something new? The Rec Center and Carruth are partnering this week to offer a low-key evening of group exercise and discussion about mental health. The event will take place on Thursday, Dec. 2 from 6-7:30 p.m. and it will include a 40-minute Zumba session followed by a discussion on body image.

Group will be held in person at the Health Education Building. Did I also mention that it’s FREE! Experience firsthand how creative movement might benefit your mental health.

Sign up here: Refresh WVU Student Activities Series at West Virginia University