Wellness Check

Wellness Check

Wellness is multi-dimensional. Our mental health isn’t just a check box, but it’s an ongoing process that requires our awareness, attention, and effort. This ongoing process allows for us to make adjustments in different phases of life, especially when we notice we feel off.

Let me introduce the concept of a wellness wheel.

This wellness wheel, outlined by SAMHSA, illustrates 8 dimensions of wellness. We have our environmental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, and intellectual components of wellness. Each dimension may impact another, so here are a few examples.

Example 1. Lack of physical activity or movement can negatively impact our emotional wellbeing. Research tends to show us that physical activity/movement a few times a week is related to increased emotional wellbeing (for example, decreased anxiety, improved mood, better sleep).

Example 2. Is your environment tidy or messy? Is your support system positive or negative? These things can impact many dimensions of wellness, such as social, environmental, spiritual, and emotional.

Example 3. Do you like your major and the career path you are on? We hope so, but if not, that may impact many domains. It can leave us feeling dissatisfied, intellectually unchallenged, and possibly questioning your life path.

So let’s do a simple wellness check.

Start by ranking these dimensions of wellness in order of most time/energy that you have currently devoted to each (1 being the most and 8 being the least).

Then, rank the dimensions of wellness in order of where you’d like them to be in terms of time/energy (1 being the most and 8 being the least).

My guess is there are discrepancies.

Another simple wellness check is to ask yourself two important questions.

  1. Which components of wellness are currently energizing or exciting you?
  2. What components of wellness are making you nervous, stressed, or drained?

These activities can promote awareness and without awareness we can’t begin to create change. Start small, that’s key! If you are feeling stuck with how to get started, let us help! There is an appointment request tab on our website.

Remember, wellness is a process and not a destination.