What to Expect

What to Expect During the Initial Appointment 

Before the initial appointment, a BeWell clinician will send you a remote link to access paperwork. This paperwork includes informed consent for services and a few more forms that expedite the process. This typically takes 20 minutes and will be completed the day of the appointment.

During the appointment, you and a BeWell clinician will meet for 30-45 minutes in person or over an encrypted, pass-code protected zoom link to discuss your presenting concerns. During the appointment, treatment options are also discussed. This might mean receiving services through BeWell or through local, community providers. 

If you are out of state, it is important to let your BeWell clinician know, as our licenses can only provide telehealth care to those currently in WV. 

If you are in crisis or need more urgent counseling/consultation, please do not set up an appointment. Instead, please call WVU's main counseling center (Carruth) at 304-293-4431 to speak with a trained professional.