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Experimental Stroke Core

About the West Virginia University Experimental Stroke Core

Stroke is a major cause of disability which may include paralysis, confusion, loss of vision and or speech, and cognitive changes. Due to these devastating impairments, and very limited treatments, there are immediate needs to investigate stroke mechanisms, and assess of potential drugs and alternative therapies for prevention, treatment and recovery from stroke. The use of rodent models to investigate stroke allows conduct of studies that are not possible and/or are not ethical in human subjects.

With the support of WV-Stroke-CoBRE, the Experimental Stroke Core (ESC) offers the instrumentation, expertise, and resources to investigators who are interested in producing strokes in rodent stroke models. The ESC has developed multiple experimental rodent stroke models and collaborated with researchers using these models. The goal of the ESC is to support the translational stroke research projects of investigators at West Virginia University.