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Ekaterina (Kate) Weil, Ph.D.
Interim Experimental Stroke Core Director

About: Dr. Weil obtained her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Ohio State University working on mechanisms of social neuroprotection in stroke. She then undertook her post-doctoral training in molecular signaling events that contribute to ischemia-induced neurodegeneration and neurogenesis at OSU. Dr. Weil uses mouse models of stroke and traumatic brain injury to identify mechanisms that contribute to neurometabolic dysfunction and vulnerability to repeated injuries using a combination of techniques including small rodent surgery, behavioral assessment, protein assays, molecular biology assays, and drug intervention.

James W. Simpkins, Ph.D.
Experimental Stroke Core Supervising Mentor

About: Dr. Simpkins investigates the causes and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke in animal models and human subjects. He employs a variety of techniques, including cell cultures, microRNA analyses, behavioral assessments, and drug interventions, to clarify these endpoints. A leader in the scientific community, Dr. Simpkins has more than 400 publications and has had continuous research support for nearly four decades. He is also an accomplished advisor, having mentored more than 50 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.