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Mitochondrial Functional Assessment Core

The Mitochondrial Functional Assessment Core (MFAC) serves WVU investigators and the greater WVU neuroscience, cardiovascular, cancer and toxicology research communities by providing mitochondrial function expertise, personnel, and facilities to address questions related to the involvement of this critical organelle in a variety of physiologic and pathologic processes. This core is located in BMRC 145 and has the capacity to assess mitochondrial respiration and cellular glycolysis (Seahorse Bioscience XFe 96 instrument and XFe24 instrument), mitochondrial membrane potential, activities of each of the complexes in the electron transport chain, mitochondrial movement in neurons, fission-fusion dynamics, Ca2+ flux, reactive oxygen species production, and oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA. The MFAC contains equipment needed to conduct the aforementioned determinations. This laboratory serves as a core facility and personnel, expertise and equipment are available to WVU investigators at no cost, short of the purchase of supplies used in studies.  The MFAC is now fully functional, with identification of space (BMRC 145); purchase of all needed equipment; hiring of a director (Dr. Stephanie Rellick); the presentation of the core capabilities to multiple groups; training of prospective users; and the initiation of multiple research projects. Currently, 10 WVU faculty use this core, and the data generated have (or will) support publications and NIH grant applications.