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Recent Grants Awarded to CBTSR

Recent Grants Awarded to Center for Basic and Translational Stroke Research Personnel

  • WVU Stroke Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (WVU Stroke CoBRE) grant was awarded to the CBTSR on September 8, 2014 for 5 years and $10.7 million.
  • Sergiy Yakovenko-DARPA-BAA-11-08 received a subcontract from the
  • University of Pittsburgh entitled “Spinal Root Sensory Feedback for Intramuscular Myoelectric Prostheses. Biomimetic Prosthesis Control.” 02/06/15 to 08/08/16, $231,368.
  • Sergiy Yakovenko DARPA BAA-14-30 HAPTIX Phase II. “Biomimetic prosthesis control” $367,503. TA1 Project Leader. “Spinal root sensory feedback for intramuscular myoelectric prostheses”.  2016 to 2019.
  • Sergiy Yakovenko received a Byars-Tarnay Endowment Grant. “Development of a subject-specific motor recruitment model that utilizes motor unit anisotropy and precise muscle architecture for the next-generation biomimetic prosthetics.” 2015-2016.
  • Sergiy Yakovenko received a IDeA CTR grant from – NIH/NIGMS U54GM104942 “Quantitative measurement of spinal and cortical impairments and interventions to restore neuromuscular gait control” $73,000, 2014-2017.
  • Center personnel received a multi-investigator award from the WVCTSI, entitled “Intermittent Infection/Inflammation and Cognitive Aging”. The personnel involved are James W. Simpkins, Gregory Konat, Miranda Reed, James O’Callaghan, Diane Miller, Bernard Schreurs, Elisabeth Engler-Chiurazzi, and Ashley Kerr Russell, $100,000
  • Elizabeth Engler-Chiurazzi received a grant for The Rodent Behavioral Core from the Dean, School of Medicine for enhancement of the functions of the core for $25,000
  • Sergiy Yakovenko received a grant from the WVCTSI entitled “Quantitative measurement of spinal and cortical impairments and interventions to restore neuromuscular gait control” 09/01/14 to 02/31/16, $73,000.
  • Justin Legleiter received an NIH Grant entitled “Factors modulating the interaction of huntingtin with lipid membranes: Implications for Huntington's Disease” 10/01/2014-09/31/17. $ $299,868.
  • Miranda Reed received a R15 grant from the National Institute on Aging entitled “Determining the Roles of Aging and Extrasynaptic NMDARs in Tau Pathology”, 04/01/15 – 03/31/18, $300,000
  • Sophie Ren received an American Heart Association Scientist Development Award (16SDG31170008) entitled "MiR-34a and Mitochondria in Blood-Brain Barrier and Stroke"
  • 07/01/2016- 6/30/2019,$231,000.
  • James Simpkins is PD of a NIH pre-doctoral training grants T32 AG052375-01A1 “Predoctoral Training in Stroke and Its co-Morbidities” $1,719,540 which is due for 5-years of funding starting June 1, 2017.
  • Liz Engler-Chiurazzi received a grant from Nestle-Purina for $219,000 that starts January 1, 2017.