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Congratulations from President Gee

Commencement is always a celebration of challenges conquered and opportunities awaiting.

After the past year’s struggles, it is especially joyous to gather once again and look toward a brighter future.

Grit and determination have seen you through this difficult time. But, as the word “commencement” implies, your real journey is now beginning.

Life is about finding your purpose and making sure your choices serve that purpose. Is your goal healing the sick? Inspiring others with your artistic vision? Shattering the status quo with the next high-tech innovation?

Whatever path you choose, Mountaineer perseverance will guide you to ever-higher summits.

You have much to celebrate. The unique skills and strengths you honed here will drive you onward.

The hopes and goodwill of 200,000 other West Virginia University graduates will accompany you.

And your own inner calling will lead you to the perfect destination.

Your purpose is calling. A brighter future is dawning.

Let’s go!


E. Gordon Gee
President, West Virginia University
Let’s go.