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Congratulations from the WVU Alumni Association

Congratulations, Graduates!

Your years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off. After many sleepless nights, stressful final exams, and your fair share of Zoom classes, you have earned your degree from West Virginia University. On behalf of the WVU Alumni Association, I applaud you for reaching this significant mile-stone.

You will soon learn that your West Virginia University experience does not end with graduation; a part of your alma mater will always be with you. When you see a flying WV on a car in the parking lot or when you pass someone wearing a WVU hat in the airport, you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride for being a part of something bigger. You are a Mountaineer for life.

As you embark on the next phase of your life during this time of trial and uncertainty, carry with you the lessons of the past few months. If the COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we cannot take what we have for granted. We must appreciate our family, friends, and loved ones more than ever. We must be flexible in the face of adversity, and we must be caring for the sake of the vulnerable amongst us. There is strength in unity. You are now a part of a growing community of more than 200,000 Mountaineers across the globe, and I assure you that wherever country roads may lead you next, your alumni family will be there to tackle whatever challenge you face next. You will always have your Mountaineer family that has grown over the course of your time here, and you will always have the people at the Alumni Association to support you on the journey ahead.

To help you stay connected, we are providing you with a complimentary year of membership to the WVU Alumni Association as a graduation gift. I encourage you to join your local alumni chapter, engage with fellow Mountaineers on WVU Connect, and take advantage of our valuable services and communications that will continue your connection with West Virginia University. You can learn more about your year of free membership to the WVU Alumni Association and how we serve you by visiting

I am proud of you and your fellow graduates, and I am eager to help you remain connected with our alma mater.

Stay safe and stay in touch,

Sean Frisbee
President and CEO, WVU Alumni Association
Let’s go.